30″ Dual Stage Snow Blower

30″ Dual Stage Snow Blower

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


Rated 5.00 out of 5


  • 302cc Loncin engine
  • 30 in. clearing width and 20 in. intake height
  • 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds
  • 11 in. serrated, all-steel augers
  • 15 in. 3-blade impeller
  • 40 ft. throwing distance
  • 190-degree, quick-turn chute with remote operation
  • Push-button electric start
  • Heavy Tread Tires
  • Rust-resistant exterior for durability
  • Includes Clog Removal Tool
  • Heated hand grips
  • LED light
  • Reversible skid shoes


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30 Inch Two Stage Snow Blower. Rugged construction. Dependable and easy to use. Easy electric start engine. Heated hand grips. LED lights. 30 inch operating width. 20 inch operating height. 6 forward/2 reverse transmission. 302cc Loncin engine. 1.06 gallon (4 liters) fuel capacity. 1.27 pint (0.6 liter) oil capacity. 110V electric/recoil back-up starting system. Front control panel 190 degree turning radius chute rotation. 40 feet maximum throwing distance. Accessories: clean-out tool, shear pins.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I was nervous buying this snow blower because a) I know nothing about snow blowers and b) this snow blower had only one review and it doesn’t seem all that legit to me… so I definitely wanted to add a review of my own.
    First off… I purchased this item from Lowe’s, but they had a special with free shipping so I had it delivered to my house because I live in the middle of nowhere and it was just easier that way. I put it together myself. Assembly wasn’t difficult at all. One thing to keep in mind – the engine is drained of oil before shipping and, to my surprise, the manufacturer didn’t include any oil to fill it back up. So if you are shipping it to your home and think that you may have use for it right out of the box, you better pick up some oil first. The assembly instructions are a little vague but it’s all fairly self explanatory. If you see a lever or knob on the dash area, it needs to get connected to something.
    Keep in mind, this is not only my first snow blower, it is the first snow blower I’ve ever used. I have nothing to compare it to. Also, We haven’t had a lot of snow yet. I just finished clearing my driveway for the first time (just to try it out), but there was only 3-4″ of powdery snow. Having said that… I like it. It starts right up very easily. It throws the snow plenty far enough to be clear of the areas being cleared. The lever on the left handle engages the transmission, the right engages the auger… if you are moving along, throwing snow with both levers engaged, you can let go of the left (transmission) lever, but it’ll keep moving as long as you’re still holding down the right lever/handle. This frees up your left hand to rotate the snow chute, change speed, or whatever. I feel a bit clumsy operating it, but I think that’ll get better as I get used to it.
    I looked at several models before deciding on this one. I went with this because it had every feature that a more well known brand/model had, but this one cost almost $200 less than the other one I was seriously considering. Also, the more expensive brand had a lot of plastic… the dash area (I guess that’s what you’d call the place between the handles with all the controls?) and the discharge chute. I know people who’ve been using the same snow blower for 20 years or more and I couldn’t help but wonder how long those plastic parts would hold up. That was a factor for me. This Dirty Hand Tools version is all steel of a fairly heavy gauge. I was curious about the heated handles. They don’t seem to really heat up to the point that they feel warm, as far as I can tell with limited experience. I suppose that even if they just raise the temp enough that you are gripping a handle that is 50 degrees vs. -10 that makes a difference. Maybe I’ll develop a stronger opinion about this as the winter goes on.
    If I have any unexpected surprises, good or bad, I will try to come back and update. So far, I don’t see any reason to be unimpressed with this snow blower. It sure beats the guy who was tearing up my yard with a plow last winter!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve already reviewed this snow blower, but I wanted to add a couple of thoughts and I don’t see any way to edit and existing review… So this is my update.

    Heated Handles – They do help. A lot! It was about -2 (Fahrenheit) When I cleared the driveway in the morning a couple of days ago. The handles definitely get noticeably warm and I’m glad that I purchased a model with this feature.

    Also, we have gotten a LOT of snow since I first reviewed this snow blower. I think I’ve used the snow blower 5 times now. The other day I was clearing the snow near the road and did a little extra space to have a place for the trash can. I didn’t get out my tape measure, but this area was about an inch away from the top of the intake\auger area. Because it was along the road the snow was much more dense because of the snow the snowplow throws off the road every time they go by. The blower did bog down a bit… you could tell it was working fairly hard and I had to go slow, but it had no problem getting through it at all.

    The ONLY detail that I’m finding a little frustrating is the mechanism to rotate the chute. It works just fine 50-60% of the time, but quite often when you turn the knob to rotate it, it seems to bind up and you can’t get it to go without stopping so that you can reach down, grab the chute and help it along while you are turning the knob. I’ve loosened up the mechanism at the base of the chute and moved it slightly to try and adjust it… I think it’s slightly better than it was, but it’s still happening. Maybe eventually I’ll get it just right. There’s a thin plastic gasket under the base of the chute so that it doesn’t have metal on metal when it rotates. I’m thinking of trying some graphite lube or something on that to see if it helps. Not a huge issue, just mildly irritating. Otherwise, I have no regrets with this purchase. If you are hesitant to invest in a product from a less well known brand, so was I… but I can honestly say I’d recommend it!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    t I had on the shute, and they were able to resolve my issue right away.

    • Glad to hear that our team was able to assist you! Do not hesitate to reach back out if needed. Thank you -DHT (1-877-487-8275)

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