All Dirty Hand Tools products come backed with industry-leading warranty protection: offers three years warranty on workmanship, two or three years warranty on gas powered engines*, two year warranty on electric motors and a one year warranty on hydraulic components.

Limited Warranty Protection
Gas Log Splitters3-Year2- or 3-Year1-Year
Tractor Hitch Log Splitters3-YearN/A1-Year
Electric Log Splitters2-Year
A-FrameGear Box, Boom & AugerDrive Line
Post Hole Diggers3-Year3-Year1-Year

Submit warranty form below or mail included warranty registration card along with proof of purchase within 30 days of purchase to qualify for warranty protection. The warranty gives the consumer certain and specific rights which may vary from state to state. Contact Dirty Hand Tools at (720) 287-5182 or (877) 487-8275 for warranty related questions.

Warranty protection does not cover normal wear, misuse, neglect, abuse, improper maintenance, overload beyond rated capacity, accidents, theft, environmental damage, cosmetic defects, consumables or wear items (such as spark plugs, oil /fluids , filters, o-rings, belts, batteries, shear pins, skid plates, etc.), non-authorized replacement parts or accessories, operation with inadequate supply of fluids, improper fluid types, unauthorized adjustments / modifications, transportation or any additional expenses relating to the equipment or operation thereof.

Varies by engine manufacturer and model. Engines warranted / serviced directly by engine manufacturer.