CLEARANCE PRICING 8750W Gas Powered Portable Generator

CLEARANCE PRICING 8750W Gas Powered Portable Generator

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • 8750W peak wattage
  • 7000W continuous wattage
  • Fuel efficient 15HP (420cc) DHT engine
  • Sturdy steel frame cage
  • Low volume noise
  • Multiple outlets
  • 20/30 amps
  • Electric/recoil starting system
  • Features low oil shutdown
  • 12 hours run time at 50 percent load
  • 76 dB sound rating
  • Four 120V AC and one 120/240V power receptacles
  • One 12V DC power receptacle
  • One 120V twist-lock power receptacle
  • 1.25 inch diameter steel frame
  • Has UL circuit breakers

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The Dirty Hand Tools 8750W portable generator. Fuel efficient 15HP (420cc)* DHT engine. EPA & CARB certification. Sturdy steel frame cage. Low volume noise. Multiple outlets. 8750W peak wattage. 7000W continuous wattage. 20/30 amps. Uses unleaded gasoline. Electric/recoil starting system. Features low oil shutdown. 12 hours run time at 50 percent load. 76 dB sound rating. 50 state emissions. Four 120V AC and one 120/240V power receptacles. One 12V DC power receptacle. One 120V twist-lock power receptacle. 1.25 inch diameter steel frame. Has UL circuit breakers. Includes wheel kit/handle. 6.6 gallon fuel capacity.

Sold As-Is without warranty or guarentee as per the new warranty policy through Dirty Hand Tools.

*As rated by engine manufacturer; engine oil sold separately


  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    I purchased this generator for occasional standby use in temporary power grid outages. After looking at it and seeing its performance, it is easy to see it would be good for contractor use. The unit is much quieter than a 8HP 4000 watt Generac I previously owned back in 2005 – and starts much easier by hand. These facts alone were very pleasing. But, the much extended runtime and much better mobility is also of great benefit.

    The unit starts easily by hand with one easy pull by hand. But, I purchased a battery for the provided electric start as I am in my later years. The instructions only say to use a 9AH battery with no size recommendation stated. By replacing the positive cable with a longer one, I was able to install a battery with a more standard terminal arrangement. The battery I chose was a sealed Sigma STZ12S (replacement for Yuasa YTZ12S) . This battery is rated at 11AH with 210 CCA, so it will last longer in use than a 9AH rated battery (other similarly sized units only use a 7AH battery). The size of the STZ12S is 5.94″L x 3.43″W x 4.33″H, and fastened in perfectly using the provided battery bracket hardware.

    I did find the unit was charging the battery excessively at 24 volts DC, but I have an electrical engineering degree and solved that easily. It would be preferably to provide a battery disconnect switch after starting, and just use a small charger system designed for long term battery storage for occasional generator use.

    I also noted the 12v DC supply on the front panel was providing power at 16 volts which should be kept in mind when charging or powering 12 volt electronic devices. I did not test for AVR or how regulated the AC hertz was other than noting the AC voltage was fine for starting and running my 240 volt well pumps and supporting 120 volt non-computer appliances. The provided power could be fine for use with electronic devices if the power requirement for them is watched. But, my use is not for computerized electronics devices that require tighter power regulation.

    Other than this, the unit is fairly easy to move using its handle and the provided wheel kit. It does run smoothly with little vibration. At half the price if similar units providing numerous unneeded “bells and whistles”, it is a good choice for most.

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